The Myrtle Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad is a comprehensive service for pre-hospital emergency care and transportation of the sick and injured to increase survival rate, decrease permanent injury and alleviate suffering by ensuring that trained advanced and basic life support personnel are available to provide prompt and efficient service to the residents and tourists of the Grand Strand area.

/ Our Vision

For over 30 years, the Myrtle Beach Rescue Squad have served the community. From the beginning, members have provided emergency services and training. The Rescue Squad has respond to over 1,000 calls and has done several stand-by's each year and it's dedicated members have donate nearly 15,000 hours of community service. Their commitment and dedication is unmeasurable.

One of the most important functions of Myrtle Beach Rescue is that of education. While it is mandatory for our certified members to receive additional training, it is as equally important for the members of our community to be involved. We have a number of instructors that are able to teach classes from basic first aid and CPR to our neighbors and community. These classes are taught on an as needed basis and are open to the public.

Another important service that we provide is emergency medical care through stand by functions. These functions are events such as the Myrtle Beach High School sports, Conway high school sports, the Myrtle Beach Marathon,Myrtle Beach Car Show, Special Olympics, etc…. We enjoy helping the citizens in need whether it is for a stand by or just public education.

Myrtle Beach Rescue was formed by members of the community in which we serve. We are here for the residents and tourists of the Grand Strand to assist in their needs of Pre-hospital emergency care and educational training. Our list of sevices are constantly increasing and being modified to assit you better, so if you as an individual or as a business is in need or would like to have a CPR or other medical training class please contact us so we can provide you with the information you may need.

The Myrtle Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad, thanks you for your continued support!


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