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The Myrtle Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad is a comprehensive service for pre-hospital emergency care and transportation of the sick and injured to increase survival rate, decrease permanent injury and alleviate suffering by ensuring that trained advanced and basic life support personnel are available to provide prompt and efficient service to the residents and tourists of the Grand Strand area.  


hurricane mattew

october 08, 2016

Myrtle beach volunteer rescue squad wants to give thanks to all of our members who took the time to help during the storm. As the storm has past we are still not out of the woods. Local areas are still flooding and being evacuated. We would like to give our deepest condolences and prayers to all the families that are missed placed, still without electricity and for those that have lost family and friends. Myrtle beach rescue put in time this weekend to show you, our community that we are there in the time of need. Our community is strong; Therefore, we will rebuild. Our rescue squad has been working side by side with Horry County and Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue and will continue to work closely till our community is back on its feet. Our area was hit hard; However, we were not hit as hard as the other states and countries that were in Matthews path. our prayers go out to all. During this time of need if there is anything our family can do please leave us a message using our contact us form at the bottom of the page. We will keep you updated as we keep moving through the process of getting everyone back on their feet


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Myrtle Beach Rescue is always in search of willing volunteers to assist with the everyday needs of medical care to the Horry County citizens. We are a Non-Profit Organization that provides First Responder up to ALS medical treatment to the needed.

  We are a 911 based ambulance service that runs solely on donations and grants. If you are the kind of person that enjoys giving to the community and having fun, then this is for you.


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-21 December 2016 Annual Christmas party @ Wahlburgers Myrtle Beach


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